The Brookline Church of Christ strives to be a community that proclaims the good news and carries on the ministry of Jesus Christ through redemption, love, service, and sacrifice. We endeavor to take the teachings of Jesus seriously and work out their implications for the world in which we live. As such, we invite all believers and seekers to join us in this journey of faith.

The Brookline Church of Christ stands in the tradition of the Stone-Campbell Movement, an attempt begun in the early nineteenth century to regain the spirit of New Testament Christianity. We seek to continue what we consider to be the best of that movement: the practice of local church autonomy; entrance into the reign of God through confession of and baptism into Christ; the importance of the Scriptures for congregational life; and the unity of all believers as the body of Christ. Though this is our specific heritage, we also identify with the broader Christian tradition and draw on the strengths and resources that extensive history can provide. At Brookline, we sincerely desire to be a church where all members can use their gifts and ministries to God's glory and where each person is encouraged and enabled to deepen his or her relationship with God.

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